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About us

Welcome to Rustique Interiors.

My Name is Carey Naughton and Rustique Interiors is my company.

I love art to be practical & useful as well as beautiful and I am always striving to achieve all three with the products I make .

All of my chairs are either antique / vintage or second hand . I take inspiration from the shape of the chair to tell me what type of design fits it best and then draw on elements from the world around me to create a unique piece of textile art made to fit onto a specific chair.I use a combination of patchwork , applique and machine embroidery to make the fabric.

I use a lot of tweed and wool fabric in my work , most of which is either recycled from old clothes and blankets etc or is new tweed fabric woven here in Scotland. I use lots of other types of fabric too the only real criteria it that it is" just right" .

Before I upholster the artwork onto the chair I scan it and print out a very high resolution copy onto archive paper which I then draw on using pen and ink and coloured pencils to create a hand finished print . I am then able to use this image to print the cushions , placemats , coasters , cards and of course prints.

As my designs have become increasingly complex I have found that I need to do a lot of  drawing before I start piecing together the fabric. I have recently started printing fabric based on these original drawings which I hope will soon be available to buy by the meter on this site .


I studied Theatre design at Central St Martins and since graduating in1996 I have worked as a scenic artist , props buyer , interior designer , painter , illustrator and now I am  designer / maker  / artist.  ( I've never had a proper job :-)

My workshop is a fabulous space which is usually extremely messy , clients are welcome to visit by appointment but it is at your own risk !